GRANSHAN: Signs of the Times

A Two-Day Hybrid Conference, Ceremoney, and Type Meet-up

20 May 2022
21 May 2022
  • 13:00 -23:55

The GRANSHAN Two-Day-Hybrid-Conference under the title Signs of the Times explores the big and small questions that concern the typographic community and type users alike – daily matters and global concerns.

Signs of the Times is a conference for all makers and users of type who appreciate the cultural and intellectual importance of our field. For those who see the future expressed in typographic multitudes.

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On Friday, the 2nd edition of TypeTech MeetUp (TTM) will again discuss and document the current state of font technology, and be a platform for the exchange of best practices and innovative developments. TTM sessions advance the state of the art and promote the integration of font technologies into the future of digital communication. The MeetUp will explore topics such as the power of variable and colour fonts, blockchain technology, web typography in multiscript domains, legibility & technology and more.

On Saturday, the venue Literaturhaus will become a lab for future forms of international and intercultural communication & collaboration. A place where we examine script and typography as an essential basis for international exchange as well as a force for identification. Only those who are visible and recognizable can enter into an open dialogue. Thematic sessions touch on topics such as multiscript design, endangered scripts/alphabets, and type as a cultural asset and identification anchor.

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The GRANSHAN Two-Day Hybrid Conference is curated by Veronika Burian, Boris Kochan and Gerry Leonidas. They were supported by Dave Crossland, the GRANSHAN Script Chairs and Script Experts of the GRANSHAN Type design competition and many other GRANSHAN-friends.

Both Conference days will be moderated by Veronika Burian and Oliver Linke. Gerry Leonidas will take care of the stage discussions.


Speakers include:
Dr. Nadine Chahine,
Dr. Bahia Shehab,
Abeera Zishan, Nasta'liq Typography and the Web
So-Hyun Bae, In Between Hangul and Latin
Bianca Berning, Pixel fix
Elena Ramirez
Sonja Knecht, Gender is a verb
Lyana Shushanyan
José Scaglione
Peter Bilak & Kevin King
Ruben Malayan
Anette Lenz

Venue (online from anywhere or locally in Munich in-person):
Literaturhaus München, Salvatorplatz 1, 80333 München

Tickets to register: