Amr El Komy


293993817_1665959417136792_5437753323157076003_n.jpg -

I made a wind catcher

Catched by the wind

I made a soccer ball

Larger than my head

I made a TV

Watching over me

I made a jar of smoke

And couldn't find a lid

I made a large clock

With four time hands

I made pancakes

Wrapped them with stones

I bought my love a rose

She asked for the thorns

I scratched back my cats

And barked over my dogs


I made a fortune from pennies

And ever lacked the change

I made a small radio

The image was distorted

I made a rocking table

And a cupboard without doors



I made a jacket with four arms

And one sock for both my feet

I teared down my walls

And hanged my frames to ceils

I made myself a wound

And stitched it with a zipper


I left my plants unwatered 

To teach them how to grow


I bought a new razor

And let my beard grow

I rolled myself a cigarette

And lit it up and blew

I slept the whole day

And took a nap at night

I bought a toilet paper

And sent it for laundry.

I made a tiny car

The locals widened the road

I made a large ship

And pulled it with a boat

I made a dishwasher

That can’t stand the dirt

I made large door

That only opens with flirt