Kaf-Boom: Arabic Graffiti in Lebanon and the Arab World

Lecture on Arabic graffiti in Lebanon and the Arab World

18 Nov 2009

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Though the graffiti scene in the Arab world is still young, over the past few years it quickly took over the streets of its cities. Due to the bad political, economical and social situation in Lebanon and Palestine, the graffiti art is spreading rapidly and voicing out the pain of its people.

kboom-pascal.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

In other Arabic nations like Jordan, Egypt, Syria, etc… the underground movement is still very shy and not as present due to the normal life situation and the ability for police to stop any graffiti. In Lebanon and Palestine, graffiti is not yet seen as vandalism and against the law. As long as the message does not imply any direct political meaning, then the police will not stop you, even in broad daylight.

The presentation will address the difference between political street writing and artistic graffiti, analyze the urban spaces chosen by the graffiti artist, and show how graffiti changes the environment of a certain space. Analyzing the written graffiti words or sentences and tracing back the political, economical or social reasons behind them, lends the art piece a different perspective. The process of creating and producing a graffiti art piece will be also dissected into phases at the end of the presentation.