Book: amirali Ghasemi

Young Asian Graphic Designers (Design Bks.)

August 2008

ISBN: 978-3-86654-012-5
Format 18 x 23 cm
384 Pages Hardcover
Text: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
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Young Asian Graphic Designers -

YOUNG ASIAN GRAPHIC DESIGNERS is the third publication in daabʼs series
on graphic design. A comprehensive overview on the creative work of young
Asian artists such as Kinetic Singapore, JOYN:VISCOM, Zhiwei Bai, 601
bisang and Bluemark, designers who have also extensively
influence western countries.
Over the past decades, political liberation processes and a rapid economic
development have fundamentally altered work conditions. New requirements for
design as well as its production have been established through globalisation
tendencies and new media, the development of multinational companies and
the unlimited platform of the World Wide Web. The young designers could only
but draw benefit from a consciousness that was opening up for something new
and a market that welcomed international influences, ideas and trends. Asian
graphic design adapted its own style, technique and expression accordingly to
the modified conditions and requirements. Without losing its individuality it
defined new objectives and struck innovative paths.
After decades of fighting for individual and free expression, the young Asian
graphic designers have reached their very own synthesis of tradition and
modernity: Colourful and organic designs in contrast to a world that is becoming
more and more technologically dominant represent an attitude towards life
within an increasingly competitive generation. They stand out due to their
unconventional, original, brave and cheeky designs, expressive colours and an
adventurous mix of materials. Jakarta, New Delhi or Tokyo, the young artists
move or cross the borders of conventional design, herby inspiring their western
colleagues. They gain attention all over the world and are heading to
predominate the global market.