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hi everyone, my name's justin williams and i'm a graphic designer. i've been working as a creative for 20 odd years now and have been fortunate to have practised in the far east, europe, the states and the middle east. i'm hoping to get around to the other continents later. i have no game plan, in fact the plan is not to have a plan. being a designer isn't a job for me ... i'm just in this for life. right now i move between london and dubai in my role as the consultant creative director of omnia. i think in colours - only this morning i was stuck in a taxi watching an indian man wearing canary yellow overalls carry a large green box on his shoulder. The connection between the brown of his skin, the yellow of the material, and the green was fabulous. I'm worringly obsessed with the things that most people pass by, how people say hi to each other, tatty shops, hand written graffiti, peeling paint, postboxes. I wonder about stupid things. why do neon signs look so rubbish in the daytime? how angry do you have to be before you scrawl a piece of graffitti on a public wall? why do people like golf? i don't know what i want to get out of this forum or what i can give and i like that. i figure if you know all the answers before you begin why bother exploring? and i like exploring.

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