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Absolute Egypt

How Graphic Design Tells the Story of a Culture

Absolute Egypt_cover - Raghda Moataz

Raghda Moataz is a young Egyptian graphic designer. Her final thesis was about the visual culture of Egypt as seen through the eyes of a graphic design student. Two years later, she transformed her thesis into an impressive overview and thorough analysis of almost any aspect of the publicly visible visual culture in Egypt. Told in her own words: “The Absolute Egypt book takes you on a tour through the local Egyptian streets in an attempt to bring attention to everyday designs by clearly displaying [Egyptian] contemporary, overwhelming, beautiful visual culture. It features basic design elements like patterns, colors, and symbols, public designs like street lettering, graffiti illustrations and signs, and printed matter like books, newspapers and stamps. This book is a visual testimony that archives and celebrates [a] graphically rich environment. This is how graphic design tells the story of a culture. This is Absolute Egypt.”

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Absolute Egypt, How Graphic Design Tells the Story of a Culture

Author: Raghda Moataz
Publisher: Khatt Books, Amsterdam 2020
ISBN: 978-94-90939-19-9
Edition: 240 p, ills. colour, 18,5 x 20 cm, softcover (with flaps), English & Arabic
Price: 29,50