Leeza Ahmady

art curator, educator and administrator

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Leeza Ahmady was born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan and arrived to New York in 1987 as a young teenager. As an art curator, educator and administrator, Ahmady has been designing unique gallery spaces all over New York City, implementing innovative programs that welcome unique and varied art forms. She has produced over one hundred local and international art events and has presented her work at internationally renowned venues such as the Asia Society, The Whitney Museum, Queens Museum of Art and the Venice Biennale (2001). In 2002, Ahmady developed a curriculum on cultural diversity and art education for the YMCA, and is now a consultant for other educational and community institutions. Ahmady performs and teaches a combination of Afghan and Indian dance movements and is currently attending the Pratt Institute, New York City, pursuing a Masters degree in Arts and Cultural Management, where she is researching development and promotion of the arts and culture in Central Asia and its neighboring regions for her thesis.

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