Lama Ajeenah
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After what happened in Denmark where some cartoonist mocked with our prophet (PBUH), this poster was designed to reply to these people. The message I wanted to say is that we want peace in all the three main religions, which is why I placed abstractly the word peace (Al-Salaam) in Arabic using white. And this word (Al-salaam) is also one of the 99 names of God in Islam. According to the fact that the base of all the three religions is one, it is a must to have peace in all of them. This word includes a symbol for each religion. The mosque is for Muslims, the bill and the cross of the church is for the Christians and David’s star is for the Jews and all of theses symbols are combined together to form naturally the word peace in Arabic. At the bottom, there is a verse from the Quran that explains that Muslims believe in what people from other religions believe in which what makes them all have in common-one religion.