The 3rd International Graphic Biennial of the Islamic World

Call for Submissions

19 Oct 2009
19 Nov 2009

After holding two courses of International Poster Biennial of the Islamic World, Iranian Academy of Arts is about to hold the third course, under the name of the Islamic World, based upon primary policy making of the Biennial to deal with other branches of graphic design. The motto of this course is “Islamic Civilization”, thus it is requested all designers to select or create their own works which are preferably relevant to motto of the Biennial.

Deadline of works submission: 15 Apr 2009

Selection of works: 30 Apr 2009

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Visual Arts Center of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry
Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS)
Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum
Bonyad-e Shahid Organization

- Promoting field of relations exchanges of contemporary artistic among artists across the Islamic World.
- Appreciating the artistic experiences of young designers in Islamic societies.
- Examining and emphasizing on identity in works of Islamic Worlds designers.
- Introducing dynamic contemporary designers in Islamic World field.

Sections: 1- Poster, 2- Book cover, 3- Logo
Special Section: Poster on Palestine

Secretary of the Biennial: Habibollah Sadeghi
Manager of the Biennial: Mehdi Mahdian
Selection Committee: Aydin Aghdashloo, Mostafa Assadollahi, Ebrahim Haghighi, Mostafa Goudarzi, Habibollah Sadeghi
Jury: Consists of Iranian and Foreign Artists.

Entry Rules
1- Participation is free for all designers of Islamic world and for Muslim designers of other countries, other designers can participate in the Special Section only.
2- Each designers can send almost 3 works for each of sections.
3- Posters may be submitted in printed (offset, silk screen, digital print) but the book covers and logos should be printed and publish.
4- Size of the poster should be at the minimum 40×60 cm, at the maximum 120×180 cm.
5- In the section of book covers the published copy should be presented with the printed one. In the section of logos, the published copy should be send along the printed one in the size of 20 ×20 cm.
6- Posters is required to be designed after Jan 2007. In the section of book covers and logos, they are required to be designed after Jan, 2003.
7- File of the works should be on a CD, Format: TIF or JPG, resolution: 300 DPI, Size A4, and the number of the works in Entry form, name of designer should be written and sent.
8- Works should be without frames and noting should be stuck on them.
9- Each submitted work should bear a label on its bottom right corner at the back of it.
10- Works reaching the secretariat beyond the deadline will not be entered in exhibition.
11- The works submitted will not be returned.
12- Works accepted in view of the exhibition will be published in the exhibition, Published and commercial affairs of the biennial by the sponsor.
13- Each selected participants will receive Catalogue and the Participation Certificate.
14- Submission of the works shows the acceptation of rules, and decision about the unpredicted matters in on Executive Secretariat..

1- First Prize, comprising a plaque of honor and a statuette of the Iranian Academy of Art, and 1500 euros € (In Any Section)
2- Second Prize, comprising a plaque of honor and statuette of the Iranian Academy of Art, 1000 euros €(In Any Section)
3- Third Prize, comprising a plaque of honor and a statuette of the Iranian Academy of Art, and 750 euros € (In Any Section)

Website: www.caiw.ir