Rawia Beyhum

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International Brand Strategy, Marketing Consultant and Graphic Designer from Lebanon. She has worked in several countries around the world, networking with talented individuals and finally settling in Dubai as Brand Developer for the best known local Brand / Marketing firm in Dubai – Zaman Marketing. Her curiosity in the culture and arts of the region took her on to obtain a Masters in Middle Eastern Art & Literature from the UK. She is a budding entrepreneur for an initiative that is based on establishing a platform for dialogue and networks for regional and international talents to co-operate on diverse projects, events and festivals in the region. Her aim is in forming a catalyst for a specified art movement in the region with Dubai as its center. Rawia is now also developing and fine-tuning her leadership skills via training as an assistant coach under the teachings of the Curiosity Method by Martin Sage and Sonia Becker – Germany.

"A jewel from the Middle East - I have travelled the world and seek to return the gifts of healing and joy back to the Middle East! Later Japan to spread the word! Dubai is my current inspiration - The people - The growth. I have a masters in Middle Eastern Art and Literature from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in the UK. SOAS used to be a school for imperialist minds, today it is a haven for bohemian culture. Knowledge is deep, the surface has only been scratched. I aim to partner with other people to dig deeper. Key phrase "Curiosity freed this cat""

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