Prof. Diane Gromala

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Dr. Gromala is the inventor of BioMorphic Typography. Not one singular typeface, is a multiplicity of fonts whose character continuously changes according to a user's physiological states such as heart rate, breath rate, GSR, blood oxygenation, and numerous other states. Dr. Gromala holds the Canada Research Chair in Pain and Media Design, and teaches at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. With Jay Bolter, Gromala is the author of Windows and Mirrors: Interaction Design, Digital Art and the Myth of Transparency. Her research interests centre on the design and felt experience of our bodies and the relation between language and human biology. Rather than focusing on a specific technology, Dr. Gromala's work is driven by theoretical and ontological questions. She uses emerging technologies to address this research. They include biotechnologies,biofeedback, wearables and since 1990, alternative forms of immersive virtual reality (VR).

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