Arabic Calligraphy Workshop 2.0

Delving Deeper Into The Splendor

19 Jul 2008
28 Aug 2008

Following the success of the first workshop, we are aiming to delve further into the possible re-integration of Arabic Calligraphy in our cultural identity. We are pleased to announce yet another workshop for amateurs and anyone interested in Arabic calligraphy with the supervision of the Amman-based Syrian calligrapher Mr. Saleh Nasab.

The workshop will be consisting of a comprehensive course alongside 3 intensive courses exploring the main Arabic calligraphy styles; Diwani, Ta’lalik & Thuluth.

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The main objectives of the workshop:

› Reflect upon the beauty of Arabic Lettering.
› To be introduced the techniques of writing, tools and the materials related to calligraphy.
› Define of the usages of Arabic Calligraphy as a modern art form and the role of calligraphy in contemporary design.
› Briefly look at the development of calligraphy through history, and discuss proposed methods for future development.
› Study and experiment with the existing and extinct types of Arabic calligraphy.
› Explore closely the main Arabic Calligraphy styles and schools (Diwani, Ta'alik & Thuluth).

About the workshop:

The workshop will be consisted of four courses:
1- The Comprehensive Course:

An Abbreviated course, focusing on studying and practicing the existing and extinct types and styles of Arabic calligraphy. The course is made of 6 sessions; each one is 2 hours long on Saturdays. The participants have the option to choose from the following time slots:

a. Morning session
from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
b. Afternoon session
from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
c. Evening session
from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

2- The Diwani Course (Also featuring Ruka'a Style)

Dynamic and harmonic, playful as an acrobat in a circus. Diwani was one of the encrypted scripts of the Ottoman Empire. This style provides freedom that allows anyone to personalise it with the results of having magnificent and inspiring shapes. As well as Ruka'a; this is the common practical and quick Arabic calligraphic style.

The course consists of 18 sessions; each will last 90 minutes. Will be running over 3 Days a week; Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday.
From 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

3- The Ta'alik/Farsi Course (Also featuring Shekasteh Style)

A neat, sophisticated and straightforward style. Originally shaped in old Persia. It is used on a wide scale in signs across Arabia for its legibility. Nowadays, it became a popular style among young Iranian graphic designers. Shekasteh style comes from the same family of Farsi, yet more freeform and less restrictive.

The course consists of 18 sessions; each will last 90 minutes. Will be running over 3 Days a week; Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. From 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

4- The Thuluth Course (Also featuring Naskh Style)

Thuluth is considered to be a spiritual, classical and elegant style, since it’s mostly used for Qur'anic script as well as being an element of the interior design of Mosques across the Islamic World. Naskh on the other hand is considered to be the core ingredient of the modern and traditional Arabic typography.

The course consists of 18 sessions; each will last 90 minutes. Will be running over 3 Days a week; Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday. From 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.


› Every participant will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipments; paper, ink & calligraphy pens (Reeds).
› Participants will receive a certificate upon the completion of the workshop.
› A chance to create an individual calligraphic artwork will be given to the participants
› Arabic is the language used in the workshop.
› All the classes will be held at the Tree Hall - Wild Jordan Cafe, Jabal Amman. – Visit www.wildjordancafe.com/
(except the intensive specialized courses, see the update below)
› There are limited places, please make sure to book early. Reservation to be carried out through email or by phone. Please make sure of the most suitable time slot for you prior to booking.


The Comprehensive Course: JD 60

The Diwani Course (Also featuring Ruka'a Style): JD 120

The Ta'alik/Farsi Course (Also featuring Shekasteh Style): JD 120

The Tuluth Course (Also feautring Naskh Style) : JD 120

Subscription and payment at the following venues:
› Syntax office | wadi saqra 133 Arar st.
(daily from 10AM to 6PM, except friday and saturday)
› Blouzaat Urban Store | Jabal Amman, Rainbow St.
(daily from 3PM to 10PM, except friday 1PM to 7PM)
For booking and inquiry please call:
Hussein, mobile: +962 79 709 1084 | email: alazaat@gmail.com

Links about the first workshop



Due some reasons related to the booking of the workshop's place, We'll change the sessions' place for the intensive specialized courses (Diwani, Ta'alik/Farsi & Thuluth) to another location, which is Jordan Meningitis Foundation in Mecca Street.
The schedule of courses will remain as is.
We hope that the change of location won't bother or interrupt your signing to the workshop. And we apologies for any inconvenience regarding that.
A Percentage of the fees will be deducted to sport the Jordan Meningitis Foundation and its activities.
The comprehensive course will remain in the same schedule and the same place; At Wild Jordan Café.