XIN : ICOGRADA World Design Congress Beijing 2009

And the 1st Beijing Design Week

24 Oct 2009
30 Oct 2009

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Literally meaning “message” or “letter,”「Xin-信」represents a primitive means of communication. Today, however, it encompasses many more dimensions than ever before, as illustrated by words such as Xin-xi (information); Xin-nian (vision); Xin-ren (trust); Xin-yong (creditability) and Xin-xin (faith).

The biennial Icograda World Design Congress will be held in Beijing, China for the first time. Some 100 speakers and thousands of delegates from around the globe will gather in a cross-disciplinary Congress, with communication as its central theme, offering five days of exchange and dialogue within the international design community. In the face of a worldwide economic downturn, we now have a chance to look at the energy of design, to share design experiences, and to restore our confidence in overcoming the challenges of this difficult period...

XIN-ICOGRADA.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

Under the theme「Xin-信」, and in the spirit of the institution of World Development Information Day, the Icograda World Design Congress 2009 seeks to explore contemporary issues and challenges currently facing communication design. The Congress will pre-dominantly address four topics in the parallel sessions of the international conference:

- Accessibility within design
- Designing life in urban spaces
- Proactive intellectual property rights policies in design
- Communication design for information environments

- Design: dialogue between East and West / Collaborations between North and South
- Wisdom of design and consumption in the global financial crisis
- Sustainability and design responsibility
- Ecological policy-making

- Visual culture: pluralistic perspectives and contexts
- Design for information visualization
- Design in business, an added value from service
- Brand culture critique and redesign

- Mobile life and new media;
- Biomimicry and cross-disciplinary collaborations in design;
- Digital content and redefining media.

A series of exciting conferences, exhibitions, events, concerts, performances and fringe activities will be held from 24 - 30 Oct and beyond based on the theme Xin which literally signifying human speaking, representing a primitive means of communication and has come to encompass many more dimensions today. Some of the most sought after luminaries of the design and visual art industries, including Jan van Toorn, Sol Sender, Patrick Whitney, Pan Gongkai, Kohei Sugiura, David Kester, Ruedi Baur, Xu Bing, Troika, N55, Joachim Sauter (Art+Com), Ric Gref (AIGA), Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto), Brian Collins, Michael Rock (2x4), David Carson, David Small, Qiu Zhenzhong, Dunne & Raby, Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares (Khatt Foundation), and many more will be on stage to address delegates from around the world.

The key events during the week of 24 - 30 Oct include the grand Opening Ceremony at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, and the International Design Conference and Icograda Education Network (IEN) Conference at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibitions opening throughout the week include "Lifescope: Design Design! Live Life!" at Beijing World Art Museum, "Design as a Second Productive Force" at the National Art Museum of China, the 2009 Adobe Design Achievement Award (ADAA) Exhibition (following its award-giving ceremony on the 26 Oct) at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Library, and "Chinese Graphic Design in the 20th Century: A Documentary", "Beijing Typography 2009" and "365: AIGA Annual Design Competitions Show" at CAFA Art Museum together with several others.

In addition to the core programme of the event, Icograda World Design Congress Beijing 2009 & the 1st Beijing Design Week will also host a spectrum of events and activities that are highly recommendable for design professionals planning to be in Beijing this Oct, which include the "Beijing High-End Design Projects and Policies Release" - announcing Beijing's city-level design projects in the next decade, "Beijing Design Tour" - an insider's trip to the Beijing dynamic design scene, Launch of "Beijing Workstation for International Designers" - a service platform for international designers by Beijing Creative Centre, "Xishi" - an opera based on the story of a beautiful Chinese woman, "Unitxt" - live audio-visual art performance by the acclaimed visual artist/electronic musician Alva Noto, and a variety of selected excursions in and around Beijing. More events and activities will be announced on the www.beijing2009.org soon.


The 1st Beijing Design Week will be running parallel to the Icograda World Design Congress. And as part of the legacy of the Congress, the BDW will be a long term programme of Beijing City aimed at promoting the role of design in China.



Online registration is available for Xin: Icograda World Design Congress Beijing 2009. Professional, academic, student and member rates are available for qualifying delegates.
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Xin: Icograda World Design Congress 2009
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