The Tabouleh Performer

performance by artist Roula Haj Ismail

11 Jul 2008
11 Jul 2008
    The Bluecoat Art Centre

In this latest chapter of the Tabouleh Performer, Qatar based performance artist Rola Haj Ismail reflects on her previous Tabouleh Performances in Amsterdam and Beirut and in her show at the V&A in London, that never actually took place, whilst contemplating her new role in the Gulf.

Sharing intimate tales of her new life & current preoccupations, acknowledging the past & preparing for the future, yet despite the changing winds – the one thing that remains is her Tabouleh that will be distributed and shared at the end of her performance. Following the event, digital photos of people eating the Tabouleh that she will cook during her performance at Arabise Me will be emailed to her audience as if following a private dinner party.