Wanna Play?

Contemporary Dance performance by the Ijad Dance Company coreographed by Joumana Mourad

11 Jul 2008
11 Jul 2008
    The Bluecoat Art Centre

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Founded in 1995 by Joumana Mourad, IJAD Dance Company develops innovative concepts within dance, developing multi-disciplinary work merging dance, installation, film and technology. The results are highly energetic and emotional performances where different traditional and contemporary genres can be identified, thus demonstrating Mourad’s wide spectrum of cultural reference points and artistic influences.

Mourad is a prolific dancer and choreographer, not only developing work for her dance company IJAD but also for a diverse spectrum of residencies and colaborations such as T.A.V (Taiwan), Hwalien (Taiwan), Barnet, Northern Stage, IETM, and YATEF among others.

The dancer/choreographer leads regular workshops in advanced dance and technology, with commissions including site specific work, outreach projects, multi media productions, experimentation with Arabic performance styles and contemporary circus.