Arabic Cafe

Design elements by artist and designer Hassan Hajjaj

11 Jul 2008
11 Jul 2008
    The Bluecoat Art Centre

Design elements & styling in café & courtyard by artist and designer Hassan Hajjaj

HassanHajjaj.jpg - Spread featuring the work of Moroccan visual artist and designer Hassan Hajjaj

In his work, Hassan Hajjaj playfully redefines the imagery that pervaded his childhood, from matchbox and paint cans to coca-cola ads, from the fez to the camel, He takes the European stereotypes about the Arab world and turns them into visual celebrations with intriguing imagery and themes and explosive colours. Hassan Hajjaj discovered that nobody had documented the graphic arts of the streets of his native land. It set him off on a mission to expose to the international public the funky, street level, visual art of the souks.

Having arrived in London from Larache in Morocco when he was a teenager Hajjaj grew up amid the emerging London club culture, absorbing the music and styles of reggae, hip hop and world music. The artist honed his visual sensibilities as he entered the world of art and fashion. In 1984, after running clubs and managing up and coming musical bands, Hajjaj decided to forge a relationship with the New York scene and launched his own clothing label RAP.

Hajjaj’s work includes designing the interiors of concept venues, designing furniture and decorative objects, as well as photography and mixed media art. His work is regularly auctioned at contemporary art auctions around Europe and the Middle East. He is represented by 3d Line Gallery in London and curator Rose Issa in the UK. Hajjaj’ design, furniture, and fashion work can be found at his store in Shoreditch, East London. Return to top