Al-Khat, the magic script at Alatza Imaret.

Thessaloniki, Greece

From 6 to 30 of October at Alatza Imaret will take place the “in situ” exhibition “Al-Khatt, the magic script”, by Irini Gonou, accompanied with the title music of Michalis Andronikou

Through 17 installations Irini Gonou engages in a dialogue with both physical and cultural space of Alatza Imaret, an ottoman monument of the 15th century of the city of Thessaloniki.

All-Khatt is the script seen as an image, a symbol or a charm, a defining new reference point of the artist’s visual explorations. The result is an engagement that brings Gonou face to face with ethnology, while her work also reveals traces of her various cultural explorations.

On the “handmade” music of Michalis Andronikou, Nikos Aivalis will interpret poems of the Syrian poet Adonis at the opening day.

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