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My artwork incorporates different mediums including painting, sculpture, illustration, but primarily uses photography as a way of recording imagery. I enjoy moving across mediums fluidly, this is helped greatly by the use of the computer, where I can further manipulate the images adding a unique, personal dimension.

I am intrigued by the world of thoughts and emotions, especially my own. I have come to realize that I have used my artwork as a form of catharsis and that through it I am able to express feelings I could never put into words. Even though I use other people as my models, I utilize them as a vehicle to convey my personal message, though I recognize that each viewer will have their own interpretation of what they see.

As a young Arab woman, I use the veil in my work because it is such an important part of who I am. Yet the work is not just about the veil, it is about the person behind it. I am determined to show how beneath the veil there is a woman with feelings and emotions like all other women.


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  • Lateefa
  • 122255 Dubai UAE
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