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Rearte Gallery was in launched 2008 as a non-profit, private initiative in order to provide opportunities for known and unknown artists to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere. Since then, the Gallery has dedicated itself to supporting young emerging artists, but also to connect artists from different countries and assist them in showing their work in group exhibitions with other artists from the region (Austria).

In the meantime, the Gallery has distinguished itself through this initiative and has become well known in the art scene, nationally and internationally, as the non-commercial art space in Vienna.

The Gallery offers a space of 60 square meters for exhibitions and readings in a harmonious atmosphere. The large atrium, 50 square meters, which is connected to the show room, offers a quiet surrounding for discussions.

The main idea behind Rearte Gallery is to establish a point for art lovers in Vienna where artists can present their contemporary and modern art works. Art lovers can discuss and share their ideas and thoughts away from the commercial atmosphere.

In addition, the Gallery promotes cultural exchanges between artists and countries in particular to focus assisting artists from the Arabic region in showing their work in Vienna, encouraging a greater understanding of art regardless of its origin.

Since its establishment, Rearte Gallery has been able to expand its cultural network by maintaining good contacts and new partnerships with different cultural institutions.

Rearte Gallery believes that art knows no borders, no barriers, no religions, and no age or sex limitation. Art is there to build bridges that connect nations and melt the cultural diversity in one pot to create a universal language - the language of art.

Rearte Gallery - Abd A. Masoud

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