greg Sebra


News: I have recently launched an online social network for art collectors from across the world. I thought some of you might find it interesting. Best.

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ARTAcadabra is a global community of collectors of paintings, drawings, lithographs, photographs, sculptures and other art objects. It is a place for art collectors to show their collections, view others' collections, be alerted when someone else collects the same artist, keep in touch with artists or discover new ones, and more generally share and exchange with others who have the same passion. The site relies on members to upload pictures of their collections in the public space. Members may opt to keep their collection, or part of it, private instead and simply use ARTAcadabra as a way to digitally store pictures of their collections. In this case, the entire private collection or the private pictures can not be seen by others. Either stored as a Public or as a Private collection, ARTAcadabra allows individual members to keep their entire collection in one place and to constantly access, view and modify it from home, away or on the go from any internet connected devices.