Third International Video Festival, Cairo

23 Nov 2008
3 Dec 2008

Detour is the third edition of an international video festival based on an open call for submissions organized by CiC and Medrar for contemporary art. Detour features a program of low budget experimental video screenings, presentations, discussions and a workshop for computer technologies applied to sound visual, installation and performance art.

Beach – Domestic Tourism Series.jpg - By Cairo-based visual artist, Maha Maamoun.

Program of Events


>Artist Talk by Copenhagen-based video artist Larissa Sansour, 7pm
>Video Program Part I, 8:30 pm
Eva Mag, Seriously, 2008, Sweden, 1'45"
Sophie Hamacher, Let Him Eat Bread, 2008, Germany, 12'
Fernando Velazquez, Database Landscape, 2007, Uruguay, 3'50"
Hakeem Benyoucef, An Ordinary Day, 2007, France, 1'30"
Sue Challis, Reading Agatha Christie, 2007, UK, 6'
Asmaa El Kolaly, In the Fridge, 2007, Egypt, 2'
Jeremy Beaudry, La Ville Loopy, 2006, U.S.A, 3' 27"
Zsolt Vasarhelyi, Yamakasi, 2007, Hungary, 4' 36"
Sylvia Winkler/Stephan Koeperl, Staring at the stranger for a long time, 2007, Austria/Germany, 1' 30"


Bytes and Pieces: A presentation by Tarek Atoui (within the context of a workshop over new technologies applied to art), 6-9pm


Sound performance by Tarek Atoui followed by a discussion with the artist over his approach and methodology, 7pm


Artist Talk by Berlin-based video artist Amy Patton, 7pm
Video Program Part 2, 8:30pm

Hugh David Waddell, The Order, 2008, USA, 6'06"
Ger Ger, Luxor 22.145 (Sound Nomads Performance #7), 2006, Austria, 3'
Ger Ger, Lantern Dogs (Sound Nomads Performance #10), 2006, Austria, 2'09"
Sophia Al-Maria, Al Bendari and the Bunduqia, 2008, Qatar, 4'
Mako Ishizuka, She Has Her Own Story To Tell, 2008, Japan, 5'55"
Gina Harasti, Tactic, 2008, Hungary, 2'
Elisabeth Smolarz, Freund Hein, 2007, Germany, 4'42"
Yin-Ju Chen, Transactions, 2008, Taiwan, 7'42"


Open discussion with filmmaker Ibrahim ElBatout, 7pm
Video Program Part 3, 8:30pm

Muriel Montini, The World is Vast, 2006, France, 9'
Axel Petersen, Slumber Past Zenith, 2007, Sweden, 17' 50"
Islam Kamal, @bc, 2008, Egypt, 3'
George Drivas, The Decision, 2007, Greece, 4'
Ziad Al Halabi, Recycling, 2008, Syria, 1'5"
Shereen Lotfy, Letter to a Lover, 2007, Egypt, 3'06"
Henry Gwiazda, Claudia and Paul 2:13a.m, 2008, U.S.A, 4'17"
Yeon Jin Kim, Dreams, 2008, Korea, 8'20"

3.12. 2008

Video Program Part 4, 7pm

Ursula Biemann, X-Mission, 2008, Switzerland, 35'
Sophie Ernst, Paradise Lost, 2007, The Netherlands, 30'
Mika J.Ripatti, Record of Labor, 2007, Finland, 8' 20"

All events take place on CiC Roof so please dress warmly.

For more information about the "Bytes and Pieces" workshop, please email atouitarek@yahoo.fr
Workshop supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands