Noora Al Ghussain

Not only a reflection, its more of an obsession

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Born in Palestine, but lived all her life in the U.A.E, Noora came from a family that's not only talented but also appreciates art in all its forms. Since she was a child; she read fairytales, books, and stories and let herself be lost in the world of imagination. At the age of 10 she won her first award in painting competition. Knowing what she wanted, Noora majored in Graphic Design at the American University of Dubai, and everyday passed; her love for design only grew. Her work was selected and exhibited in "Tasmeem Doha 05", that was held in Virginia Common Wealth University, Qatar. Noora's most recent achievement was her nomination for the PANDAS 2007 (package and Design Awards For Students); she was the 2nd Runner-up of Dubai Light Railway Design. To her, art is not only a reflection of her thoughts, its a personal, emotional and inspirational obsession.

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