Sarah Beydoun


Sarah was born and raised in Beirut. After studying sociology at the American University of Beirut, She earned her master’s degree from the Universite Saint Joseph, where she wrote her thesis on disadvantaged women in Lebanon. Sarah decided to set up her company as part of a rehabilitation program, whereby women in need would work and learn valuable skills in the creation of accessories in return for a reliable income. In the process, traditional expertise in embroidery crocheting and hand stitching would be revamped and presented in a contemporary way .The arrangement turned out to be successful, innovative, and highly efficient.
Sarah teamed up with her childhood friend Sarah Nahouli and in 8 years” Sarah’s Bag” expanded from a small line to a region wide fashion phenomena built on Social consciousness.

Contact information

  • Sarah Beydoun
  • Mhanna bldg., 2nd floor, 100 rue du Liban,
  • Tabaris - Beirut
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