A Selection of Graphic design by Vazirian

The selection of works by Iranian graphic designer and artist Ali Vazirian presents a contemporary perspective that is grounded in religious values.

Introduction by Mahmoud Reza Bahmanpour

Ali Vazirian pertains to generation of artists that, for knowing and criticism his works need to reference this generation artistic origin. The most important distinguishing characteristic of this generation artists believes to ideas that Islamic revolution moulds them. The way of these artists creativity shaped in religion aspect and faith outlook for feedback it in their art.
Vazirian during two decades by living with these believes created various artistic works that from this point of view there is track of his thoughts and aesthetics views in this presented collection of his works. Some of his works contains definite and straight significations and messages but this explicitness in his works did not caused trifle and slogan rather indicate his boldness and intimation on graphic language.
Vazirian is part of his works because of subject’s requisiteness created works with no religious substance, so that he makes distance from prevalent views in artistic works and moreover approached to west aesthetics. But in this type works artists represent that he dominates on graphic expertly and dose not deal with stereotype so search to find new visual elements and concept from his point of view. Vazirian in his most personal works the same as abstract digital illustrating begins incomplete new experience.
With using religion text and concept he tries to upgrade them from letter to graphic shapes so he invented new aesthetics experience. This type of his works with special effects on graphic even if has no permanence, yet it will be individual as artistic creativity in visual art domain with religion substance.
Ali Vazirian related to a generation with own characteristics who is searching and restless about realizing his goals. If his entering to cinema and film making ambit does not cause to cause his experiences in visual arts domain and again he return to graphic world and follows his experiences we can observe integrity and achievement of this untamed experience.


"Globalisation & visual language", An interview with "Ali Vazirian" in a feature on Iranian graphic design for the A2 Arts and Culture section of The Age newspaper in Melbourne by "Dan Rule".This discussion is relevant to be released a selection of graphic works by Vazirian in Melbourne Australia:

Book cover - Ali Vazirian

Author: Ali Vazirian
With an Introduction by Mahmoud Reza Bahmanpour
Published by Nazar Reserch and Cultureal institute. Tehran.
96 pages, (Paperback)
Layout and cover design: Roshanak Mafi
Translation: Fatemeh Kavandi
ISBN: 978-964-6994-71-3