12x15 or 13x15

19 July 2009, Choosing the grid dimensions

4x5ratio12x15_test.jpg -


I did the exercise with two grids. 12 x 15 and 13 x15 within the 4:5 aspect ratio. The 12 x 15 equals the whole grid out in squares. The 13 x15 grid is all rectangles (slightly more narrow that the square). I did a very rudimentary letter form, just to check. I think it is OK, but less exciting that the earlier versions. To play with the letter shape I rounded the corners in the last example. Maybe that opens new directions...

Nevertheless. When I look at the image where the letters fit tightly (no white lines or space), I also can imagine a wall or large die-cut (laser-cut) board standing up right, with these letter forms saying a sentence. The letters can be large blocks to build walls with. Like those gas-concrete blocks, used in housing construction. Or made from other kind of construction materials (metal, board, corrugated board/steel). Of course this is quite a new direction/concept. But it also could be used in combination with the screens.

With these blocks, we could build a meditative space with a "pond" or a "mirror" in it with the StoryLine system... But would that work in Arabic?


As for the grid, I was more confortable with 13x15 grid, it gives more possibilities for improving the Arabic letters design. I have attached a quick letter test for you to see if it matches. It is still only a draft, I have to study more the proprtions, the forms,etc.
I realised yesterday that I haven't understood your comments concerning my first attempt, I was trying to create something bulky and you were trying to achieve contrast, anyways I think we are now on the same track.

I like the fact that in Latin each letter width and height end up with the frame boundaries, I am trying to achive the same impact in Arabic (where all the challenge lies within).
Communicating through emails seems a little complicated for me at this stage (type design, Arabic & Latin matching,etc.). So I was wondering if we can try to skype on thursday or on whatever time you can, just give me a sign.
Also a thing, Hala's parents went to Lebanon and left us their small car so I was also wondering if we can take advantage of your presence in France in order to meet up (en tête à tête), maybe before Hisham comes to France, I don't know. I believe we need this quality time in order to solve up type design issues in a working session, tell me if this sounds like a plan for you.

Back to the type design, I remember that Huda asked for 2 weights for the typeface we are designing, and I personnally find it interesting to create (based on the same grid) another weight, a fat bulky one where contrast is less present. So what do you think?

Finally, I prefer the edgy letters you showed rather than the rounded corners. I believe if we need to round up corners, we can actually do it for each letter following a design logic.