AUB Alumni Literary Festival

Beirut World Book Capital 2009

25 mars 2010
26 mars 2010

AUB and its Worldwide Alumni Association (WAAAUB), in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, would like to invite you to join us in recognizing AUB alumni's literary achievements at special events to be held in Beirut and in the US in March of 2010. When Beirut was designated by UNESCO as the "World Book Capital 2009" the selection committee noted it was chosen "in the light of its focus on cultural diversity, dialogue and tolerance, and of its diverse and stimulating programs."

These words so aptly apply to the mission of AUB that it's no surprise so many of our alumni have gone on to distinguish themselves in the world of letters. They've authored books on subjects ranging from history, politics, science and engineering to the arts and poetry.

The inaugural alumni literature festival will be held March 24-25, 2010 on the AUB campus. An exhibit of alumni books from across all literary fields will be the base of the two-day program which will also include book readings, panel discussions and social events for alumni, friends and the AUB community at large. (The detailed program will be posted soon)

AUB Alumni Literary Festival.jpg - AUB Alumni Literary Festival Fadi Shayya


(The detailed program will be posted soon)