Critical Think Tank & Research Platform

DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS is a Beirut-based critical think tank and research platform operating in the realms of spatial analysis and intervention of the built and unbuilt environment. Our work addresses issues of spatial culture, development politics, urban governance, spatial (un)justice, social structures, urbanization, landscape transformations, (un)sustainability, (un)public space, and formal aesthetics in areas of regional and urban planning, urban design and architecture, and landscape planning and design.

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In order to, “avoid words that are already overladen with conditions and consequences,” in order to define a, “regularity (an order, correlations, positions and functionings, transformations),” one has to deal with a, “discursive formation.” Reference: Michel Foucault, The Archaeology of Knowledge, trans. A. M. Sheridan Smith (London & New York: Routledge, 2002) [L'Archéologie du Savoir, 1969]. See also Wikipedia

We believe in the inherency of the dimensions of space and place to human societies, specifically in urban contexts that are the milieu of social change, environmental transformation, and cultural production. Our work draws on Beirut’s complex and multi-faceted contemporary urban scene. We are culturally-critical, socially-oriented, and ecologically-aware in discourse and undertaking, and we adopt multidisciplinary approaches and methods in research.

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