Book: François W. Beydoun

Esprit Porcelaine

ESPRIT PORCELAINE is the collective name of a group of ceramic artists with individual talents combine to provide products with a wide variety of styles and approaches.

Book / Livre : ESPRIT PORCELAINE - Book / Livre : ESPRIT PORCELAINE - François W. Beydoun

The group includes designers, crafts workers, decorators and artists, all inspired by a fascination with porcelain.

ESPRIT PORCELAINE also draws on the industrial potential of Limoges manufacturers, promoting and catalysing innovations in the field of tableware through research into high quality new designs.

Many designers involve stunning technical mastery, combining porcelain with other materials such as glass, wood, enamels on copper and a range of different ceramic types. Other designs offer contemporary interpretations of more traditional decorative techniques including low-fire and high-fire colours and glazes, use of coloured clays etc.

ESPRIT PORCELAINE represents the best in forward-looking design for Limoges porcelain - a pool of skilled and passionate professionals united in the pursuit of quality and innovation.