Kitabat Workshops

8 avril 2006

Calligraphy workshop - Kitabat calligraphy workshop with Mohammad Zakariya

Calligraphy Workshop | Mohamed Zakariya

Observing the Calligraphic Process: a practical introduction to Arabic calligraphy.
Workshop leader: Mohamed Zakariya.

Typography Workshop | Reza Abedini

Designing typographic posters, mixing Arabic calligraphy and Arabic fonts.
Workshop leader: Reza Abedini.

The Design Game Workshop | Petr van Blockland

The design game between designers and clients.
Sessions on brainstorming techniques with Petr van Blockland.

Font Technology Workshop | Aida Sakkal and Adam Twardoch (FontLab)

How to produce Arabic fonts: A to Z.
Workshop leaders: Aida Sakkal and Adam Twardoch (FontLab).