Fluid Spaces

Experimental Short Films and Videos from the Arab World

8 nov 2011

KhaledHafez: THE A77A PROJECT - Charlotte Bank

Curated by Charlotte Bank

“Fluid Spaces” presents recent experimental films and videos that investigate the inter-relations between space, narrative and change. They interrogate the connecting links between people and specific places, together with the histories and images that have helped shape the identities of these locations.

The idea that certain spaces are defined by a certain sprit, that they possess a “genius loci”, affecting people who pass them or stay in them has a long tradition. However, the concept currently seems caught in a process of transformation. The perception of place-identities is undergoing important changes in the context of the increasingly mobile realities of the 21st century. To an increasing degree, migratory movements, globalization, social and political unrest necessitates a re-positioning of self and lead to important changes in the relations between humans and the places of their residence or origin.

The works of this program question established parameters and symbols and opens new modes of perception. They are thus expressions for the changes currently taking place throughout the world, although they emerged with particular strength during the revolutions in the Arab world earlier this year.