Abd A. Masoud

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Arabic calligraphy with a difference

Born 1963 in Amman, Jordan, living since 1984 in Vienna Austria.
Received my Bachelor of Art 1987 from Webster University, Vienna.
1996 begin artwork and learning Calligraphy privately, through the years I was appreciating art in all its forms.
My recent achievement is my exhibition “Arabic calligraphy with a difference” where I am trying to make the Arabic calligraphy or the Arabic signs understandable and accessible for a non Arabic viewer.

Since 2008 owner of the Rearte Gallery which is launched in order to give chance for known and unknown artist to present themselves in an exclusive and representative atmosphere.
Vienna - Austria.


Member of the Jordanian Plastic Artist Association

Member of the Austrian association of professional art

Member of the International Association of Art IAA – AIAP

Vice President of the Arabic Austrian house for art and culture

President of the Global Calligraphy Vienna

Director of the Vienna Calligraphy Center



June 2012 The Bulgarian cultural week in Vienna
Committee member of the 100 year Jubilee of the Austrian association of professional art
June 2012 The Egyptian week in Vienna
June 2011 The Hungarian cultural week in the Rearte gallery
June 2010 The Jordanian cultural week "Getting together" in Vienna
Rearte Gallery was in launched 2008 as a non-profit, private initiative

Organising the Writing 2019 International Calligraphy Symposium


Publication and Catalogue



Samstagsreden: Gedruckt wie gesprochen / Prof. Gerhard Habarta, Autor und Kurator  Phantastenmuseums Vienna

...und dann war alles anders, 39 Momente, die das Leben veränderten
70 years of Contemporary Jordanian art - Jordan national Gallery of fine arts
Rearte Gallery 2008 - 2013
Jordanube Rivers - Rawaq Al- Balqa Foundation for Arts
Abd A. Masoud - Arabic Calligraphy with a difference
Privatsphären - By Chao Fia Contemporary
Biennale de la Culture et des Arts “Revolution et Cohesion”
Kunst in Bewegung - 100 Jahre BV - 100 Jahre Kunst in Bewegung

Art Symposiums and Exhibition

Austria, Bulgaria, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Jordan




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