Book: Dr Geoffrey Roper

الببليوجرافيا التحليلية

دراسة في أوائل المطبوتعات العربية

جيهان محمود السيد
الإسكندرية: دار الثقافة العلمية، ٠٠٠ ٢

Translated Title : Analytical Bibliography, A Study of Early Arabic Printed Publications. By Gihane Mahmood Al-Sayyid. Dar Al-Thaqafah Al-Ilmiyyah, Alexandria. 2000. 805 pp.

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Analytical bibliography is a well established discipline in Europe, where it involves the systematic description of the physical characteristics of printed books, especially early ones, from the formative period of printing history. This substantial volume contains the first major attempt to do the same for early printed books in the Arab world. After a brief survey of the origins and development of Egyptian printing in the 19th century, there are chapters on title-pages, contents lists, preliminaries, page layouts, colophons and paper & binding. At the end are over 250 pages of illustrations of pages and particular design features of 19th-century Arabic books printed in Egypt.