Ibraheem Youssef

is sometimes likened to a massive orange sphere rolling upwards at varying velocities on a highway destined for enlightment.

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I believe we can project a positive stereotype of our culture utilizing our beautiful Arabic Language. I'm an Egyptian/Canadian Art Director currently based in Toronto, Canada.

IBRAHEEM YOUSSEF is an Egyptian/Canadian designer/illustrator currently based in Boston. He creates internationally recognised, thought provoking creative experiences that live around the globe. He studied at the College of Fine Arts in Zamalek, and the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto. Ibraheem strives on collaboration and is driven by obsession - a trait , alongside curiosity and perfectionism, which are found in his craft and production. My Artwork has been featured in press from around the globe. His work has been published in The Guardian, The Independent, Der Speigel, El País, Universal/NBC, Wired Magazine and many more. His work has been exhibited Bad Dads, San Francisco (2010), Is this thing on? at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles (2010), Profilers at Gallery KOP in Breda (2011), Cairo 20x20 at The Mascot in Toronto (2011), The Gang is all here at Bottleneck Gallery in New York City (2012), the Electronic Arts Deadspace3 show at LDBAVLFDM in Paris (2013) and more.

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