More Light Than Death Could Bear

a poetry book by Hind Shoufani

8 sept 2007

In the spirit of believing that poetry can be sound, light, texture, images- and possibly scent- xanadu* hosted a multi-faceted launch event for "More Light Than Death Could Bear".

XanaduExhibit1.jpg -

Inspired by the poetry, xanadu* brought together illustrated/painted art, installation, photography, live jam sessions, a poetry reading, DJ till late night, drinks, and quite a bit of glitter to make this a book signing you may actually enjoy :) at Art Lounge (Karantina, River Bridge, Beirut).

In the spirit of believing that when artists combine expression, magic is possible...Do join us! And do take some light home with you.

Participating Artists/Musicians/Performers:
Hilda Abla, Maya Chami, Lina Hakim, Wael Hattar, Christophe Katrib, Zena el-Khalil, Barbara Massaad, Rima Saab, Hind Shoufani, and many more...