Book Signing

The Papyrus Gang

Book signing in the presence of the auhor

4 sept 2021

Book signing at Reorient Book Fair 2021, at 5pm
New Dakota /Contemporary Art Space
Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41b, 1033RC Amsterdam

Author: Abla elBahrawy
Illustrated by artists: Mostafa Youssef, Hani Mahfouz,
Migo, Makhlouf, Tawfig, and Andeel.

Papyrus Gang_Omslag_EN&AR -

Have you ever wondered why papyrus paper was produced only in Egypt? Since the invention of a secret method to create it from the papyrus plant almost 4,000 years ago, and since its use as a material for writing, its production remained solely Egyptian. After it was totally taken over by the newly invented and more economic Chinese paper, papyrus paper production stopped. The plant completely disappeared from Egypt afterwards. Then how and why is papyrus paper being produced today, while the plant itself became extinct in the country tens of centuries ago?

This book will take you, the reader, on an adventure to uncover the secrets of Egyptian papyrus today. The narrative is based on the author’s personal search for answers. It describes her journey based on absurd real-life anecdotes, populated with intriguing characters. Each of the five chapters is illustrated in a different style by a talented Egyptian illustrator or comics artist, developed to best represent the story and at the same time comment on it.


Author: Abla elBahrawy
Publisher: Khatt Books, Amsterdam 2021
ISBN: 9789490939243
Edition:144 p, ills. colour, 17 x 24 cm, Hardback, English & Arabic
Price: €15,00

Can be ordered online via the Khatt Books website