Mehdi Saeedi won “Grand Prize: US$10,000” at the Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007.

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The Announcement of " Taiwan International Poster Design Award 2007

The third " Taiwan International Poster Design Award" was sponsored by Department of Commerce, MOEA and endorsed by ICOGRADA and JAGDA, which received more than 1,811 submitted works came from 42 different countries and areas by the deadline.

We invited 7 international and 3 Taiwan local judges to proceed judging works on 17-18 Sept, who including Michel Bouvet (France, Professor of ESAG Penninghen )、Don Ryun Chang (Korea, ICOGRADA President Elect 、President and department chair of Visual communication design at Hongik University in Seoul )、Chaz Maviyane-Davies( USA, Professor of Massachusetts College of Art )、Shigeo Fukuda( Japan, President of JAGDA, AGI Member)、 Jan Rajlich Jr. (Czech Republic, President of Brno Biennale Organizational Committee )、Maria Kurpik (Poland, Director of Poster Museum in Wilanow )、Ronald Curchod ( Swiss, AGI member)、Apex Lin,Pang-Soong (Taiwan, Director of Fine Art, National Taiwan Normal University, Icograda Treasurer 2001~2003 )、Liu Kai (Taiwan, Liu Kai Design Studio )、Jeff, Che-Fu Liao( Taiwan, Chief Director of Focus Design Associates).

There are 22 awards and 125 final selected from 1,811works with high quality and creativity, which including Grand Prize、ICOGRADA Excellence Award、JAGDA Excellence Award、 Gold/ Silver/ Bronze medal for open category(1.Commercial, 2.Promotional) /Special theme(Sport, Sunshine, and Health) and Judges’ Special Award. The name of awarded and final selected are as following: