Bidoun Library and Project Space

at Abu Dhabi Art, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

19 nov 2009
22 nov 2009

Bidoun Projects' library is a collection of rare books, catalogues, journals, and artists’ books that traces contemporary art practices and particular moments in the various arts scenes of the Middle East; this peripatetic new resource has its first outing at Abu Dhabi Art in a ‘pop-up' space designed by the UAE design agency Traffic.

The project space allows visitors to explore, research, and map connections through innovative materials that are generally unavailable in the Gulf; we have focused particularly on materials created by and for artists, and by artist-run, independent organizations based in the region.

n185352293085_6869.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

The library includes curated programmes of music and sound projects (via ipod listening posts), and screens for browsing the Middle Eastern section of the cult avant-garde sound and film archive website ubu, curated by Bidoun.

Featured independent publishers in this first version of the library include Ashkal Alwan, the Arab Image Foundation, Istanbul artist-run space/publisher BAS. And Samandal, the Lebanese artists' collective that creates trilingual comics, presents a collection of influential comic books and magazines.

The library’s launch is presented in partnership with Abu Dhabi Art.