Arabic Type design

The New Generation

Centuries ago, in germany, a printing device was invented. over the many years, the typefaces used evolved, initially starting off as blackletter which was resembled the handwriting used at the time. as years went by, they broke off from the handwritten style letters, and went on to breaking rules, and creating new ones. lowercase letters were created to allow more letters to fit due to their small size. serifs were added and removed to create new forms of letters. today, Latin typefaces have evolved so much, that the history has to be studied in books.

Arabic type design however is still immature, it has barely passed the phase of resembling the handwriting, Naskh or Ruqa'a. there are no letter variations, serifs are considered bad when it comes to legibility, and barely enough people are working on evolving the script.

Me, being a black sheep, i have always did what people missed due to their human nature, where they do things in massive groups. I'm the one whose always walking in the opposite direction, yes I bumped my head once or twice doing that, but i got up and continued.

My goal as a graphic designer/ type designer, is to take my language where it has never gone before. I am only hoping to find people who share this same goal, and maybe start a movement as a group.

My next step to achieving this is studying the traditional arabic letters, where I'm going to learn calligraphy.