Touring Lebanon

Experimental video, film and documentary from Lebanon

18 janv 2008
20 janv 2008

Debate and artist / curator talk
The Independency of the New Media in the Middle East
Saturday 19 January 19.30
Kirsten Herfel, Tariq Hashem, Khaled Ramadan and Nasser Brake.
The video program Touring Lebanon was initiated and curated by Kirsten Herfel and Nasser Brake. Touring Lebanon was part of the official Hamburg Short Film Festival 2007. The video event Touring Lebanon will will include short documentary, experimental fictions videos and films produced by Lebanese film and video makers, who work on different themes like identity, memory, history and socio-political topics.

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Lately video and experimental films coming out of Lebanon is facing great popularity around the world. It is our pleasure to intercourse to the Danish audience about 35
works of video and films produced by Lebanon most interesting film and video makers like among others, Walid Raad, Jalal Toufic, Akram Zaatari, Mahmoud Hojaij, Mazen Kerbaj, and Lami Joreige.

TOURING LEBANON is dedicated to films from the land of the cedars. Made by brave filmmakers and artists, staged at the fault lines of political, social and personal conflicts. What role can art possibly play, in the midst of urban ruins? Which pictures are familiar to us (Westerners), which are alien? Is Lebanon's East really a "Near East"? Lebanese Republic – 10,452 sq km; population: approx. 4.4 million in the country, another 12 million in the Diaspora; capital: Beirut; languages: Arabic, French, English; 18 officially accepted religions; French mandated territory 1920-1941; civil war 1975-1990, 'Summer War' 2006; 13 newspapers; several TV stations; no film funding and yet one of the most interesting cultural and cinematic landscapes of the Middle East!

For detailed information on the program visit the website of the Verdens Kultur Centret