Ahmed Safwat

Arabic Typographic & Art director designer

Sample Quraan Illustrator -


I had designeg the Moshafi Kouffic calligraph and programed it into arabic font,then i designed and completed the holly Quraan using that font, aiming to produce a second copy of the first written Quraan did under order of the Kalifa Uthman bin Affan

My last job was developper Art director for Oman newspaper where i developped the newspaper with all its supplements I also designed a font for them in 3 weights.

I will add a sample later

Working on both renewing Arabic calligrapher from earlier 1970 till now then back to traditional Arabic with recent studies in Arabic font production procedures and techniques

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I'd created many new typefaces (Fonts) in Arabic Language from long time and all over any free time I got between works and at home, using specially Aldus Fontographer program, I succeded to add this typefaces to Apple computer to be some of it fonts.

During my Work In that project I succeded to solve problems about fonts by transfering other Arabic fonts to work under new english program that starts to be used in Arabic nations such as Quark Express. I'd also worked to re-able other non Arabic program to write in Arabic and still studying for that goal, suiting the latest researches in Unicode and new type programing which aims to unit all the global glyph under one united code list.

But as a designer I discover that my real duty is to complete my activity in design by other ways and threw new goals non touched before dividing my job into two big goals, the first is to developpe the present Arabic letter as a big first goal. The second big goal consists of renewing the heritage (taking it as it is without any modifying of it's own rules) but to make it useful and work-able under our recent computer putting them under recent form of (computer Fonts) so it could help any user when he need to write in that way without having to use copies or images from them.

The result till now is:

For the first big goal I produced till now my own first five new typefaces. And for the second goal I'd completed all the "Fatemik" glyphs forms that will produce not only one font but a set of Fatemic fonts and I produce all ready my first font from them (self study).

From other hand I'm working into a self project of "Inventing new Initial Arabic Cap letter" with the collaboration of an Media Professor whom helping me in the scientific study while I'm executing the art work.

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