Kolah Studio

Getting a New Style on Wallz

Progression of Arabic urban Writing and graffiti

While The Graffiti and comix Visual culture was so uncommon in Iran,It's a hard work to get conected imaginary or establishing a whole style.
I tried To Do some from 2003 till know .Ofcourse most of you are knowing that in 2003 and even until 2005 there were no search resul for Arabic graffiti persian graffiti etc.
I was a witness my self and from mid 2006 i noticed the very small growth of graffiti and writing from Middle East .Still theyare not many.
Also from 2006 In iran i found new writer friends who concenterate on writing on walls.
( you can find all stuff in our weblog irangraffiti.blogspot.com)
In this Page i want to show some of works from 2006-2007 which i like to share and need coments ,ideas and suggestions to go on within,for sure ideas of all of you would be useful for my ongoing attempt.

khat12.jpg - Writings : Top right " گرافیتی " Graffiti / Top right :تنها Alone / down : هیچ کس nobody All done by A1one / Tehran

They are still rare as (good or bad) i refused to go in path to reach something western and still trying to get Into my own style even in paining the piece.)
I also avoid writing in english and just trying persian words (arabic letters) to make my pieces.Words like Tanha(Alone) , Jang(War) , Solh(Peace) ,xiaboun (Street) or any other words i find inspiring.
I would be glad to have your ideas and comments on my works.