Al khatt, the magic script

Visual dialogue with the Museum of Islamic Art of Athens exhibits

Through 17 visual installations, Irene Gonou converses with the space, the real or the cultural space, and at the same time with the exhibits of the Museum of Islamic Art, where her exhibition, al-khatt, the magic script, is housed. The exhibition runs from January 22 till March 9. This dialogue expands also to the area of music; Michalis Andronikou makes with his 12 "hand made" music composition an improvisation, searching thus the meaning and mystery of script through the sound.

12 φυλαχτά.jpg -

Al-khatt is the script as a course and a route that later turns to image, symbol and talisman, defining the new reference point of the artist's visual art searchings. The artist converses with ethnology, while one can distinguish the traces of her cultural searching in her work.

Irene Gonou was born in Athens. She studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where she stayed for eleven whole years. She has presented twenty-five indivisual exhibition and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

The exhibition is accompanied by an album with photos and comments on the works of Irene Gonou, texts by Rozanna Ballian and Mina Moraitou, both curators at the Museum of Islamic Art, and by the arabologist professor of the University of Athens Eleni Kondyli-Bassoukou; finally, it's accompanied by a CD with the title music composition of Michalis Andronikou