Kolah Studio

The Progression of The Font on Wall

This is Just An Introduction for showing off some results of 5 years of working both on spray painting ,stencil and persian letter in Graffiti style.(arabic letters) as a Graffiti and streetart researcher ( in 4 years of daily research)For sure the Progression of this Styling path had begun in IRAN and nowadays we hope to have it all around the middleeast...

a1one_graffiti_tehran_IRAN.jpg - Writing - Organic / Bionic Style / Bilingual "A1one" in english and "Tanha" in persian

You can also catch a1one in tehranwalls.blogspot.com ,also if you feel intrested to know more about Graffiti in IRAn from its begining Check the Pingmag.jp at this url : pingmag.jp/2007/01/19/a1one-1st-generation-graffiti-in-iran

For more info about The emerging Street Writers in IRAN and catching up with events and updates on This subject you can easily access to irangraffiti.blogspot.com ( or www.irangraffiti.com ) which has also many links ,articles and how to do Articles on graffiti and street Art .