GEN X, Posters by Young Iranian Graphic Designers

A Part of Exhibitions, Lectures and Workshop of Iranian Graphic Design at York University

29 mars 2008
11 avril 2008

4th Floor, TEL Building, York University

Poster by Behrouz Hariri -


This exhibition brings together 44 posters from outstanding young talents and marks a great finale to the series of exhibitions held at York University. Presenting 40 posters, a small fraction of current Iranian graphic design scene, this collection offers an exciting landscape of experimental and compelling works that are informed by a rich history of visual culture.

One of the qualities that makes current Iranian graphic design unique is its rich cultural history as demonstrated and displayed in the forms of calligraphy and typography. The three exhibitions at York University encompass 50 years of Iranian visual culture, showcasing over 150 pieces, ranging from iconic works of the first generation of Iranian designers to works by young emerging talents.
Curated by Farhad Fozouni

Works from the following designers will be exhibited:
Kasra Abedini
Mohammadreza Abdolali
Pouya Ahmadi
Shahrzad Changlavayi
Homa Delvaray
Asieh Dehghani
Vahid Erfanian
Maryam Enayanti
Farhad Fozouni
Amirali Ghasemi
Behrouz Hariri
Zeynab Izadyar
Behrad Javanbakht
Mohammad Khodashenas
Aria Kasayi
Morteza Mhalati
Hadi Nasiri
Peyman Pourhossein
Iman Raad
Zeynab Shahidi
Soha Shirvani
Reyhane Sheikhbahayi