TRASH ART [Recycles]

Exhibition by Marwan Nahlé

29 févr 2008
13 avril 2008

Mixed Media Arts, Collages, Paintings, Sculptures, Installations, Prints and Recycled Structures: turning the negative into positive.

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Marwan Nahle (b. 1965) has been working and creating art for more than 25 years. He has shown his works in private and collective exhibitions around the world Including Lebanon, France, USA, Germany, Switzerland. He produces art extensively; working relentlessly day and night. His studio is filled with thousands of art pieces waiting to be disclosed to the public.

In TRASH (Art Recycles), Marwan will be presenting his outstanding collages & mixed media paintings. In his structures Marwan turns negative into positive; from waste and rubble he creates colorful, intriguing art objects.