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Mahmoud was born in Jordan in 1985, he obtained His BA in Graphic Design from the Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan. Currently, he is working as a Graphic Designer in the Multimedia Department of Grand International Company (GIC) in Kuwait City.

Mahmoud very interested in the psychological impact that a branding design produces. A specific creation can generate an infinite number of socio-cultural messages. At the moment, he is exploring the artistic elements of graphic design by mixing different mediums. He is very keen on combining apparently dissimilar means to craft an aesthetic composition that can render a logical whole.

His future projects, he wants to examine diverse technological methods for media and graphic design. Also, to contribute in fixing the possible problems in the advertising market.

He believes that KHTT is an excellent platform for dialogue among graphic designers worldwide. If we all work together, we will be able to improve relationships with our collective efforts.