Mohamed Abla

Mohamed-Abla_StreetTalks.jpg - Street talkes | 120x150 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2008

The Egyptian- born artist gained fame for his unique style of blending European influences into traditional Egyptian ways of painting. At a very young age Abla knew he wanted to be an artist. He earned a scholarship to Europe through his first solo exhibition held at Cultural Institute in Cairo. He spent 7 fruitful years in Europe, after graduating Spanish
from the faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. His continuous traveling brought him broad exposure to the international art scene, a chance to study and exhibit in European galleries. Mohamed Abla’s works were very much influenced by the images of the past, their wealth of traditions and symbols. His art is seen as a kind of entry into a diary, a record of events reflecting time and position of his course of life. He created paintings of overpowering intensity, depicting Cairo street scenes in easy, free lines.

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