Islamic Art from the Golden Pen

Khan Murjan opens a traditional Arabic experience at the heart of Wafi

25 mai 2008
25 juin 2008

One of the shops that has opened in the Moroccan quarter of Khan Murjan at Wafi is Golden Pen, which offers engraved goods, handicrafts and calligraphy on different types of leather, all hand made by the talented Iranian artist, Amir Hossein.

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Khan Murjan, a traditional souk with an Islamic theme and architecture provides 150 bazaar shops with vendors from across the Arab world in a unique marketplace environment. It is based on a 14th century souk in Bagdad and is underneath the central mall at Wafi; it has four quarters - Egyptian, Syrian, Moroccan and Turkish.

The Golden Pen, in the Moroccan quarter on the upper level of Khan Murjan, is owned by Amir Hossein who was born in Kerman in Iran. Amir moved into Dubai in February 2007. His skills are considered as traditional art in Iran.

Amir is not only a calligrapher, he also engraves and carves into different materials such as glass, stone, leather, metals, including shells and jewelery. Amir uses traditional tools and methods to create goods such as wallets, handbags, mobile covers, key chains and more made of different animal skins to engrave. He writes in different scripts and languages (also in ancient Arabic fonts that haven’t been used in 2000 years), Quranic verses or Arabic and Islamic sayings and names.

What differentiates Golden Pen from the other stores in Khan Murjan is that visitors will get the chance to see Amir Hossein work on his arts and create different items. They will also get the chance to experience the exquisiteness of the Islamic arts and learn more about the traditional methods used in the past.

Because my art is very rare, choosing a convenient location is very important; that’s why I chose Khan Murjan, said Amir Hossein, the artist and owner of Golden Pen. I believe that my art compliments the retail mix available in Khan Murjan and its a new skill to be brought to Dubai. It will be nice for the customers to see me working live in my workshop by using traditional methods such as fire so that they have an idea of what the Islamic art was like.