A reliable source on this specific topic

Dear David,

It would be hard to give you the name of a reliable source on this specific topic, and judging from the fact that there will be a conference in Cordoba (Spain) about it in the fall is maybe even an indication that there are scholars working on providing just such a much needed source.
Maybe you should attend, read the link on this site at: www.khtt.net/artefact-4799-en.html

As a designer I have always looked at artefacts produced in different parts of the Arab world and the Middle East to create my own working color palettes. You can find a lot of inspiration in tiles, textiles and even landscape images. But assigning meaning to colors can be limiting, unless you look at clothing for particular ceremonies and social traditions.

I hope this helps. Keep searching and if you find interesting literature on this topic, please publish it on this site for all to read and learn from.

best regards,