Book: Kambiz Shafei


Exhibition of 50 Years of Iranian Typography at the Basel School of Design FHNW/HGK, 2007

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A treasure trove of 50 years of Iranian graphic design, predominantly in the form of logo-types and posters, are presented in this publication that illustrates the depth of talent and wealth of tradition in this country. The result of a co-operative exchange between institutes and schools in Iran and Switzerland, this book documents one work per page, and includes production details and biographic information of each featured designer.

168 p ills colour & b/w 23 x 31 English pb

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What is different about graphic design in Iran from what is known in western countries that we label it with the distinguishing term "Iranian"?
The most distinct features of Iranian graphic design come from the use of a different writing system, and therefore a different typography. After the advent of Islam the art of calligraphy, both in Islamic and Iranian cultures, was considered one of the most important art forms. Although the Persian writing system is closely related to the Arabic, its function in Iranian calligraphy has developed on a completely different basis since the 17th century AD.

In a sense, this process can still be observed in the typographical works of contemporary graphic designers. This brilliant calligraphic background in Iranian arts enabled the New Generation of Iranian graphic designers to present a new and different typographical attitude to the world. An attitude that is drawing its originality and identity from the golden age of Iranian calligraphy with a fresh and contemporary approach.

Iranian Typography is the catalogue of an exhibition with the same title which was initially shown at the Basel School of Design FHNW/HGK in 2007.